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Under the settings module you can select different defaults for the entire program.


This tab will display the user's information and their comission defaults.

Profile Tab

Company Information

This tab will display company information such as address, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Company Information Tab


The Employees tab is where you may enter or edit all the employees within the system if you have administrator privileges.

Employees Tab

When adding a new employee, a window will open up allowing you to enter all the information of an employee and also allow you to enter images of the employee if desired.

Employees Form Information

Near the bottom of the form you will the ability to enter the commission defaults for the employee and their role and privileges.

Employees Form Comission And Privileges

Tax Defaults

Tax default rates and settings are adjusted here. The user has the option to of setting the rates to the default tax rate, none, or a specific rate. When selecting a specific rate, a new field will appear to enter the value for the specific default that the user wants changed.

Employees Form Comission And Privileges

Profit Settings

Under the Profit tab, the user can decide whether certain fees will have front end, backend, or no profit.



The user can decide what fees are commissionable in this tab, to include if they are commissionable in the Front or Back or both (SP & FI).


Sign Ups

Here relevant links to third party integrations are listed so that the user may sign up with them.

Sign Up Tab

Below is an example with the credit card processing company Digitzs:

Sign Up Digitsz

The Deal Template

Under the settings you can select defaults for the entirety of the program. This module consists of 5 areas where relevant background information of a Deal is entered.

Deal Template

Below is an example of opening the Service Contract window to enter information for a service contract company:

Deal Template Service Contract